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Understanding technology solutions isn’t the same as implementing them across a business. Fortunately, The Greentree Group understands both. We believe that solutions and implementation shouldn’t interfere with business. They should improve your business and its results. Our team has a reputation for digging into complex problems and data to uncover core issues. We offer process analysis and design, agile and lean implementation, requirements management, and advisory services to help deliver solutions that work for your business.


Greentree’s rigorous five-step change management methodology provides guiding principles for devising, implementing, and integrating change processes. We help clients determine the most effective means to identify, analyze, and transition the personnel affected by the change. Our team delivers change management activities across the project life cycle through various tools and techniques to involve and empower stakeholders.

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Financial Systems

Greentree’s services include financial advisory and assistance, audit readiness and compliance, CPA functions, cost and data analysis, forensic accounting, and account reconciliation. We also offer an extensive line of federal planning, programming, budget, and execution (PPBE) support services – from Congressional J-Book support through organizational funds monitoring and execution analysis.


In some cases, improvements are a matter of tweaking existing processes. In others, it involves adding sub-processes to improve results. In still others, it might mean a drastic revision in the way processes are handled. The Greentree Group excels in partnering with organizations at any level, at any stage. We have extensive experience and success in helping federal, state, municipal, and commercial clients meet the challenges of process improvement in today’s fast-paced world.



Because projects are temporary endeavors with specialized requirements, they often require special expertise and management. Greentree offers a range of project management services to help you. We manage your projects with complete and comprehensive end-to-end services – from business case and requirements development to implementation and sustainment.


We understand that early identification and mitigation of risks to an organization is mission-critical. Greentree is a leading provider in risk management. We help state, federal, and commercial clients address some of their toughest challenges by identifying risks and issues that might impact the overall program success. We inform our clients as early as possible to minimize damage. Our approach is proactive and lends itself to early and often risk management.



At Greentree, we believe a solid training approach is based on proven Instructional Systems Design methodology and results in an enterprise training effort that effectively prepares end users to carry out reengineered business processes. We provide the necessary discipline to ensure training objectives and measurement methods are developed, designed, and aligned with business processes. Our team has proven its excellence in designing a full range of training delivery methods based on user needs and then reaching users in the most effective means.