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Outsourcing IT: Key considerations for 2023 and beyond

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As we begin 2023 with economic uncertainty, organizations are strategically seeking to optimize resources, focus on strengths and create efficiencies, especially in the realm of technology and digital transformation. This creates the interesting challenge of balancing in-house expertise with outsourcing services. The diverse and increasingly specialized spectrum of technology requirements can tax the skillset and availability of in-house IT departments. A January 8, 2023 article published in The Economist illuminates dramatic increases in outsourcing from 2005-2022, “consistent with research that finds as firms grow ever larger and adopt more technologies, thus becoming more complex and unwieldy, they outsource more operations.”

With the landscape of technology advancement creating a constant need for innovation, multiple factors influence the value of outsourcing and should be considered for your company in 2023 and beyond.

1. Automation is becoming essential.

In pursuit of efficiency, employee satisfaction, improved customer service and regulatory compliance, companies in all industries are moving quickly to implement automation. Robotic process automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence are emerging as must-have tools for businesses to compete, retain employees and thrive, especially in difficult economic climates. As automation becomes essential, companies can benefit from outsourcing to providers that offer streamlined and highly skilled development services. This accelerates the timeline, establishes best practices, and helps companies realize ROI quickly. Outsourcing automation can also enable your company to tap into the preferred license pricing service providers have established with software vendors.

2. Security is a top priority.

According to the 2023 CIO and Technology Executive Survey by Gartner, 2,203 CIO respondents in 81 countries representing all major industries indicated cybersecurity is a major focus for the upcoming year. Of those respondents, 66% said their companies will be making increased investments in cyber and information security.

Outsourcing cybersecurity offers many benefits to your company including tapping into skilled experts focused on the evolving environment of cybersecurity defense strategies and regulations. This can significantly reduce a company’s vulnerability to cyberattacks and infuse focused, specialized knowledge into your technology environment without adding salaried staff or creating burden on your existing IT team.

3. Recruiting and hiring remains a challenge.

Even as the pace of technology progress creates new and exciting opportunities for businesses, finding the right people to lead and implement these opportunities remains difficult. Unless you are an IT firm, your company’s bread and butter is not technology. Focusing on strengths and profit centers means looking to strategic external partnerships to help you excel at the essentials that support your mission, vision, and goals. Outsourcing technology consulting with the right partner gives you instant access to a roster of disciplines, subject matter experts and specialized talent that you can use in your organization as needed.

4. Outsourcing is agile, flexible and scalable.

Working with a strategic partner for your technology needs means you can tap into resources you need, when you need them at any scale. Managed services providers (MSPs) can respond to unique business situations that require a temporary response of people, solutions, or resources. This can often alleviate the need for businesses to incur full-time salary costs to add subject matter experts or to engage in a costly and culture-killing cycle of hiring and laying off. Outsourcing can be used to supplement or bolster your in-house IT staff for specific projects or specialty initiatives.

As with any strategic partner, seek a provider for your outsourced IT needs that prioritizes your business goals. Technology is a great driver of success, and it should function seamlessly to empower the way you service your clients. The right partner will collaborate with you to create responsive solutions and tools that accelerate digital transformation, increase value and enhance your competitiveness in the marketplace.

For companies with limited internal resources, outsourcing IT can offer significant cost and operational benefits. The Greentree Group is proud to offer strategic IT solutions and expertise tailored to the needs of your business. Learn more by visiting greentreegroup.com.

The Greentree Group’s 30-year reputation for business consulting excellence includes RPA, cybersecurity, government contracting, organizational change management, independent verification and validation, and a host of specialized business and technology expertise. Back To Business I.T., Greentree’s brand of managed services, provides cybersecurity, IT support and project consulting to commercial clients.

Written by Pam Rigling, Senior Business Advisor, The Greentree Group
Originally published by The Dayton Business Journal
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