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Enterprise Planning – Proven Success with Government Clients

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The Greentree Group provides a variety of support to major state and federal clients to help them establish effective and efficient planning when faced with the need for enterprise transformation and consolidation. We fully recognize the difficulty in addressing a change, such as integrating “homegrown” systems and organizationally unique processes into a common strategy and approach.

The Greentree Group Solution

To develop a Strategic Plan, a federal agency selected The Greentree Group to assess their current I.T. environment and provide guidance for future state development. Our team worked side-by-side with the state agency directorates to fully understand their business and build the relationships needed for integration. We assessed the I.T. components and goals and agency business goals, current challenges, and successes, and opportunities to provide a complete I.T. and business organizational assessment. This in-depth and hands-on approach enabled our team to build the essential trust with the impacted directorates – they wanted assurance that their specific requirements would be addressed. Additionally, by gathering both business and I.T. information, our team aligned and integrated those elements within the Strategic Plan, providing a complete picture of future needs. Finally, as we developed the future environment and plan, we continually provided the agency with our findings and suggestions. The open line of communication with the directorates helped validate our findings and recommendations throughout the process.

This federal agency, a multi-billion dollar grocery chain, faced a major challenge – transforming a robust collection of commercial off-the-shelf and government systems into a consistent enterprise approach. To help support this massive, multi-year undertaking, they turned to The Greentree Group to guide this effort’s guiding processes and structure. Our team performed in-depth business process analysis and documentation, system compatibility analysis, I.T. modeling, and requirements documentation with the ultimate goal of consistency and implementation of an Enterprise Architecture Plan. We conducted numerous reviews, studies, and activities with the internal organizations to evaluate, test, document, and recommend improvements to processes, software, documentation, and performance. With this information, our team designed the Enterprise Architecture Plan and then guided the agency forward in enterprise design and implementation based upon the plan.


The Greentree Group was successful in both efforts. We developed the necessary documentation and plans that enabled our clients to take the next step – implementing enterprise design and development. In both instances, the time spent building relationships and understanding the impacted organizations’ business proved critical in driving enterprise planning transition.

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