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A multi-billion dollar global manufacturing company implemented a complex ERP upgrade and implementation effort. They needed to balance upgrading business units to the new functionality while also adding new modules and capabilities. Additionally, user feedback indicated that Organizational Change Management (OCM) and Training was an area that had been lacking in previous implementation efforts, and the changes from implementing would impact numerous users greatly.


Greentree provided skilled and experienced OCM experts to lead implementation efforts for several of its key implementation projects. We leveraged OCM experts to provide key change management, training, education, user preparation, user assessment, and knowledge management support at appropriate times to ensure the effective and efficient transformation of the new system.

Greentree led the development of the deployment plan and implementation of the OCM activities to ensure effective user readiness. Our OCM team leveraged the Greentree change management methodology to provide integrated OCM, Training, User Preparation, and Fielding support. Our support included:

  • Determining user impacts/project complexity analysis needed for effective user transition
  • Development of user preparation communication products and newsletters
    Facilitating the description and depiction of the project’s “Big Picture” for user education and understanding
  • Delivery of “User Experience” system introduction to impacted users/project team
  • Facilitation of role development and assignment to users
  • Coordination of deployment and sustainment activities that impacted users (i.e., archiving from the current system, help desk/support setup)

Personnel Assessment
Our OCM employees worked with the functional team to understand impacts on the users and their potential needs and areas of resistance. The team identified specific user impacts, defined and assigned user responsibilities, developed training leveraging redefined business processes, and prepared user-based communication to mitigate the new system’s impact on people. 

Training Development
We determined the optimum training delivery model based on a user assessment in addition to developing course material. 

Training Delivery
The training was delivered through a web session, instructor-led delivery, and even over-the-shoulder. Our analysis with functional leaders helped determine the most effective means to reach the impacted users.


Our experienced team designed and implemented change management strategy, processes, and organizational responsibilities for the multi-billion-dollar global manufacturing company to address OCM requirements on a global ERP implementation. We then implemented those recommendations across a wide portfolio of I.T. projects and business units. Ultimately, our efforts were recognized as a major success and leveraged to establish an internal OCM and Training capability for future organizational efforts.

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