BBB case study on The Greentree Group

BBB Publishes Case Study on The Greentree Group

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About The Greentree Group

When The Greentree Group opened its consulting company in 1993, it set out on a mission to help clients achieve success by offering solutions. The third-generation, family-owned business works with federal, state, and commercial clients by developing and executing strategic and tactical solutions.

Taking the approach of operating consistently and with transparency, the Greentree Group helps clients with logistics, information technology, change management, government, and financial management.

Top Business Challenges and Goals

Owner Travis Greenwood says earning client trust is essential for success. He says the business consulting industry is under enormous pressure to be authentic, truthful, and operate with transparency.

The Greentree Group strives to differentiate itself from other businesses in the industry by its values: integrity, client focus and partnership, and employee welfare.

How BBB Accreditation Helped

Accredited since 2009, The Greentree Group makes it a point to let potential clients know their affiliation with the Better Business Bureau. Greenwood says he tells clients about BBB Accreditation and the requirements his family company strives to meet.

For customers, Greenwood says they feel often reassured that their business is operating by the BBB Standards for Trust and is doing its part to be a good corporate citizen. As a result, Greenwood says they’ve worked with the same clients for more than 20 years.

BBB Accreditation is a value-add to running a good business, Greenwood claims and assures clients that their company is trustworthy and honest.

“We are very proud of our association with the Better Business Bureau.  Their standards, accreditation program, and their overall mission to protect the consumer aligns perfectly with our values. ” -Travis Greenwood, Owner

Why Accreditation and the BBB Standards for Trust Matter

At the Greentree Group, the BBB Standards for Trust play an important role in running their business, especially their company value.

“We’ve found that when we have failed at something, it’s because we violated one of our values,” Greenwood explains. “Our people and values have driven our success during the past 27 years.”

Final Results

The Greentree Group hopes to continue its success in 2021 by growing its business and focusing on clients. Greenwood credits much of its success to BBB Accreditation and the family’s determination to work with clients every step and decision along the way.

With 27-years of business consulting under their belt, The Greentree Group claims to be a proven solutions provider. By operating truthfully and with transparency, Greenwood says he is proud of his BBB Accreditation and his clients take notice.

Source: BBB Accredited Business Case Study: The Greentree Group

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