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Modernization Results – Through Oversight and Quality

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A state agency sought Quality Assurance (QA) services for their Modernization and Refactoring Project. This project sought to modernize the core Registration and Titling systems – including the database and application code – by migrating the system onto a modern data and application architecture and replacing the database with a relational database. The agency needed a QA vendor to perform independent and on-going review and analysis of the development and implementation of the Refactoring system. The replacement system had a critical install deadline in order to avoid additional seven-figure licensing fees on the mainframe.

The Greentree Group Solution

Greentree developed a Quality Management Plan for the project that included an overall project monitoring strategy to proactively manage risks. This approach produced immediate benefits. For example, the state agency had to continue maintenance of the legacy system while the project team worked on the replacement system. Our team designed and implemented the process to ensure the project included impacts to the Refactoring project as part of the analysis performed for changes to the Legacy system. Thus we accounted for detection of potential risks to the project cost, schedule and performance.

The Greentree team also proactively identified and resolved issues in unit testing. Our experienced consultants analyzed the testing approach and scenarios well in advance and determined critical changes to formal unit, system, and integration testing. The early recognition led to the development of new and additional test cases which later provided the necessary validation that the system was ready to go live.


Throughout our support, Greentree partnered with the agency and the project team to proactively manage risks and prevent schedule slippage and other major issues. The project team faced enormous schedule pressure due to the possibility of paying a significant subscription fee for a system that was scheduled to be retired. Greentree’s guidance ensured a quality product was delivered to the state agency and the client counties who use the system. The Refactoring Project successfully replaced a 30-year-old legacy system ahead of schedule. The new system not only saved taxpayer money, it streamlined all registration and titling activities.

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