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Better Performance – Through Detailed Requirements and Design

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A state agency was facing a major backlog of work. Offices responsible for processing applications for cash, medical and food assistance had thousands of applications waiting to be processed. In some offices, it was taking up to six months to process the applications. Federal guidelines give states 30 days to process food assistance applications and seven days for expedited food assistance applications. The client needed to find a better way and improve their responsiveness.

The Greentree Group Solution

Greentree developed an organizational improvement strategy and IT strategic plan for the management and oversight of the development of the agency’s redesigned eligibility system. Our consultants helped the state agency reinvent the entire IT organization which serves the agency.

A significant part of our responsibilities also included the analysis of risks and issues, verification of system design, and validation of functional requirements in designing and rolling out their redesigned eligibility system. Working with both the business users as well as IT teams, Greentree helped ensure that requirements were complete, clear, concise, and accurate.


Greentree’s efforts have helped this state agency improve their system performance and reliability.

The agency was able to recover and dig itself out of the large backlog. With a renewed sense of focus, the redesigned eligibility system rolled out and drove the agency back on track. The rollout of the modern web-based eligibility solution to more than 300 eligibility offices and five million clients provided a standardized statewide solution that allows for enriched functionality such as automated eligibility determination and electronic integration with their client-facing self-service application.

Currently, over 9,000 case workers use the redesigned eligibility system on a daily basis to process and maintain client information. One of the most significant measures of the system’s effectiveness is the state timeliness data for case dispositions. Prior to the statewide rollout of the redesigned eligibility system, timeliness for a disposition of benefits was at 57.5%, a rate that meant the state agency was facing sanctions from the federal government. Their regions are now currently maintaining timeliness at 97%. The state agency has since received a $6.2 Million performance bonus from the federal government for dramatically improving its error rate.

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