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Commercial ERP Stakeholder Support

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A multi-billion dollar global manufacturing company implemented a complex ERP upgrade and implementation effort. They needed to balance upgrading business units to the new functionality while also adding new modules and capabilities. Additionally, user feedback indicated that OCM and Training was an area that had been lacking in previous implementation efforts and the changes from implementing would impact numerous users …

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Federal Enterprise Resource Planning

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A massive Federal agency was deploying a ERP program and needed to ensure that thousands of users learned the system and were comfortable with numerous process changes. The Greentree Group Solution Greentree provided a full spectrum of OCM support. Our consultants developed a robust change management approach and plan – determining core objectives, key performance indicators, in-depth stakeholder analysis, change …

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Better Performance – Through Detailed Requirements and Design

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A state agency was facing a major backlog of work. Offices responsible for processing applications for cash, medical and food assistance had thousands of applications waiting to be processed. In some offices, it was taking up to six months to process the applications. Federal guidelines give states 30 days to process food assistance applications and seven days for expedited food …

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Modernization Results – Through Oversight and Quality

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A state agency sought Quality Assurance (QA) services for their Modernization and Refactoring Project. This project sought to modernize the core Registration and Titling systems – including the database and application code – by migrating the system onto a modern data and application architecture and replacing the database with a relational database. The agency needed a QA vendor to perform …

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Enterprise Planning – Proven Success with Government Clients

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The Greentree Group provides a variety of support to major state and federal clients to help them establish effective and efficient planning when faced with the need for enterprise transformation and consolidation. We fully recognize the difficulty in addressing a change such as integrating “homegrown” systems and organizationally unique processes into a common strategy and approach. The Greentree Group Solution …

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Eligibility Performance – Through Quality Assurance

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A state agency needed to ensure their redesigned eligibility system follows the standards and conditions published by The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Greentree was brought into the project after a difficult start – the project had been admonished by the state accounting office, had changed vendors twice, and was in danger of not meeting the standards and …

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State Supply Chain Modernization Project

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A state had implemented a completely new enterprise IT system in their business at a cost of over $20 million. Within a short period of time, they had to face the realization the implementation was a failure. It was meeting none of their business objectives, and end users were finding many ways to either not use it or misuse it. …