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Whether your business requires program management or specialized technology services, The Greentree Group can help you find a solution that meets your needs. We start by working with you to determine the root causes of your issues. We provide an analysis of alternatives and recommend the best path to follow. Then we help implement your solution leveraging appropriate technology and organizational tactics. Whether it’s one person or an entire team, no requirement is too small or too large.

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Takes Focus

Back To Business I.T.

Back To Business I.T. is a commercial brand of The Greentree Group catering to small and medium-sized businesses. Back To Business I.T. removes the computer system’s burden from the shoulders of businesses and allows you to get back to running your business. Instead of diverting your attention to deal with technology services such as installing software, trouble-shooting printer problems, rebooting servers, and other computer needs, you will be able to focus on what you do best. Then you can rest easy knowing your computer systems are current and ready for future growth as well as being monitored for problems 24/7 – all by a team with expertise in I.T. solutions.

You can trust Back To Business I.T. to help you get back to more important business matters. Back to Business I.T. is offered at different service levels. Each one is packaged to match various business sizes and budgets and contain increasingly sophisticated levels of service.

Back To Business I.T.

It’s time to have your technology support your business needs – not have your business support technology.

Make your technology a strategic advantage over your competition.